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Normally I include every new EA squadupdate (ratings, new players etc.) into the EEP version. Also you can see it in the mod-description inside frosty mod manager. If I'm not on holiday there should always a version with the newest ones. ;)???

Q: Are new EEP Updates compatible with my old (EEP) careers?

A: No! Every career is only playable with the version of EEP/default FIFA you started with. So switch if you have multiple careers with multiple versions.

Q: Is EEP compatible with Pauls or any other (“realism”) career mods?

A: Yes if you are following these steps: 1. start the career without any career mods applied, 2. save the career and close fifa, 3. apply the career mod but put it of the top of your frosty-mod-manager order! (TOP not BOTTOM!!!), 4. reload your career and have fun..

Q: I've downloaded a Update of EEP. Whats to do?

A: Go to your FIFA 20 directory (inside Origin Games dir) and delete the moddata folder. After that launch with frosty

Q: New squads don't appear ingame

A: Please check that EEP is enabled AND is on the TOP of your frosty order. Also reset the squads and don't download newst/latest squads by EA before starting a career.

Q: How to reset the squads?

A: Go to the FIFA main menu, customize, edit teams, reset squads.